Lazy Noodles: 4 Easy Steps


DSCN1472Does’t that look inviting?

And time consuming… and complicated..

But it isn’t!

Add these homemade noodles to your pot of soup and you have a culinary creation everyone will think you slaved forever over.

Just in time for Sunday Dinner: Lazy Noodles

  1. Beat 3 eggs until they are frothy on toDSCN1467p. I use a regular fork.DSCN1468
  2. Sift in 2 cups of flour, mixing as you go.
    DSCN14693. Stir the dough with the fork until it is smooth and only slightly sticky. If it still sticks to your fingers mix in a tablespoon of flour. Don’t mix or knead and stir as little as possible, just to get it smooth. Over beating makes the noodles tough. DSCN14704.  Pinch off nickel size bits of dough and drop them into a your simmering (boiling a little bit) broth or soup. Wait 10 minutes and you have Lazy Noodles.

A note on the broth, you can use prepackaged, or make your own by simmering a chicken or cut up sirloin, chuck roast or stew meat for about 2 hours. If you are using chicken; take it out of the pot after about 2 hours, take the meat off the bone and cut it up, then add it back in.

If you want to make in into soup you can add a few vegetables in; carrots, celery, leeks, red peppers,mushrooms all work well. The only things I’ve found that don’t work are vegetables like broccoli, but maybe that’s just me.

Enjoy your lazy noodles!


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