Lavender Soap: Step 1,Making Lavender Extract


dscn0513Beautiful and fragrant dried lavender.





The first step to making homemade lavender soap,

and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Key ingredients:

-dried lavender

-vegetable glycerin

-a hand towel size piece of cheesecloth

1)Strip the leaves and flowers off the lavender stalks by pulling gently down the stem.

dscn0518  dscn0595

2)Chop the leaves and flowers until they are in very tiny bits. This recipe calls for a quarter cup off chopped leaves and stems.

3)Put the lavender in a quart size jar.

dscn0597        dscn0600      dscn0604

4)Fill the jar with 1 cup of vegetable glycerin ( I got mine at a natural pharmacy, but it is also frequently available at craft stores that sell soap making supplies, or online)

5)Stir the mixture, cover tightly, then shake for about a minute.

dscn0607          dscn0610

6)Put the jar in a sunny place, shake daily, and let it sit for about 3 weeks.

7)When the lavender is done pour it over a fine wire mesh sieve. Push down on the lavender after you’ve poured it all through, just to make sure you’ve squeezed the extract out.

dscn0799      dscn0800    dscn0801

8)Pour the lavender extract into a piece of cheesecloth and then ring the cheesecloth until all the extract has passed though.dscn0802


9) You should be left with an amber colored thin syrupy liquid.

10) Pour the liquid into an amber colored jar, about pint sized, and store in a cool dark place. (It will last like this for 2-3 years)

dscn0804      dscn0895

The lavender extract can be used in cooking, to make herbal sachets, added to lotion, added to a cup of hot water for inhaling the steam for stress relief and many other uses.

In Bubbe’s case we are going to make LAVENDER SOAP;




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  1. The one thing I did not get to this year was planting lavender! I love that the extract lasts so long and yes, could it be any easier to make? Next year… I do have a ton of co-op-bought dried lavender (leaves and flowers) that I’ve been using for a relaxing herbal tea blend; do you think it would work as well?

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