On the Road: Cornish Pasties and Bread Pudding


Bubbes been busy and on the road; no time to cook.

I did bring back a simple and healthy idea straight from the hills and valleys of Mineral Point, Wisconsin.IMG_3657

More than a century ago the area around Mineral Point was home to lead mines which attracted experienced miners from Cornwall, England. They brought back a meat and potato pocket, the pasty, which was easy for the miners to take with them into the mines and hearty enough to sustain them for the difficult work.

According to age old stories on the pasty the pastry shell should be tough enough to withstand a drop down a mine shaft, but these days many cooks use a crust more similar to a pie shell.

We stopped at the Red Rooster, which is the pasty main attraction in Mineral Point, and sampled both the pasty and a very tasty bread pudding.




Try it for yourself with a recipe: Cornish Pasty



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