Dandelion Roots



Remember these?


Dandelion roots that we dried earlier this spring.

OK, now what do we do with them?

Break them into smaller pieces.


Roll them with a rolling pin or crush with a mortar and pestle.


When it is coarsely ground it is ready for use.

Any kind of tea strainer will do.IMG_3618

Take a cup of boiling water and steep a strainer with part root and part any other favorite tea flavor for 5 minutes.

What is it good for?

People use dandelion root tea for constipation, getting rid of stomach gas, upset stomach,diuretic (getting rid of extra fluid), arthritis like pain and detoxifying the liver.

There are some scientific placebo controlled ( more likely the benefit is due to the herb than to the power of suggestion that it will help) studies that show that dandelion root tea helps with tonsillitis (swollen tonsils) and as a diuretic.

There are no scientific studies to prove dandelion is good for the other uses mentioned, but the root has been used since ancient times. Give it a try for yourself and then decide if it’s helpful to you.

How much?

Try a tea strainer full mixed with your other favorite tea flavors. If you want a more potent mixture, or you feel it may help to use more often, talk to a practitioner of herbal medicine to make sure you get the right dose for your needs.

Caution: If you have ragweed allergies ( daisies, marigolds) don’t use dandelion tea. It could cause a mild to severe allergic reaction. ( Itchy eyes all the way to wheezing and trouble breathing.

Otherwise give it a try and enjoy the benefits a beautiful lawn companion.






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