Dandelion Feast!


The rain is gone for now and the dandelions have opened their sunny faces again.


I used less than half the dandelions in my yard and show the progress from pulling them up (by the roots) to the cooking pot, fring pan and hung to dry for tea later. There are so many other dandelion possibilities you will never spray herbicide again. Later this summer we’ll diverge from eating for a few minutes to make some dandelion soap, but for now, feast away.


Step 1. Pull up a bunch of dandelions.



Step 2. Separate the roots from leaves and flowers.


Step 3.Clean the leaves and flowers thoroughly.


Step 4. Pop the leaves in a pot with some butter or olive oil, salt and pepper, on low, stirring occasionally.


Eat them when they look like this.


Step 5. Gently pat the dandelion heads dry.


Step 6. Dip them in your favorite batter, pancake batter, tempura batter, etc.


Step 7. Deep fry them ( any oil, heat on medium) for about 15 seconds.


Eat up. They were surprisingly not fuzzy.


Step 8. Hang the clean roots in a cool dry place. In about a month we will make tea and soap!


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