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Steel Cut Oats? Exactly what is this good for again?



Eat the oatmeal, it will stick to your ribs. Right. I don’t know about bubbe’s fan base, but I think I heard that phrase every day of the long Wisconsin winter until I left for a home of my own.

I pretty much knew even as a child that the oatmeal didn’t go anywhere near my ribs.I did appreciate the warm full feeling until well into afternoon.

Oatmeal worked out really well when working 12-16 hours in the operating room with no real break. Despite what ever health benefits I ate it for it was really to keep my brain fed and functioning.

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Steel Cut Oats In 5 Easy Steps

If the oats aren’t sticking to your ribs,what creates that lasting satiated feeling.

Rolled oats and steel cut oats (not prepackaged microwave oatmeal which has had additional processing) move the sugar into your bloodstream a little more slowly and steadily. You don’t get the spike and dip you might get with some foods and your brain will be contented longer.

Regular oats are easy to gook on the stove top or in the microwave. Steel cut oats require a tiny bit more time and attention so I have included Bubbe’s 5 easy steps to great steel cut oats.




Creamy Turkey (or chicken) with Rice


Day after Christmas what to do with all this turkey? Creamy turkey is easy to make for the all worn out cooks.

Actually this recipe works well with leftover chicken as well,


you can even make it with tofu, mmmm.


Creamy Turkey Over Rice


LATKES of course


An empty latke plate during Chanukah is a sad sight, but don’t worry Bubbe’s plate will be full Saturday afternoon when we have our big family Chanukah!

The latke recipe I can’t take credit for though. There are a million recipes out there and they are all basically the same.

Don’t let anyone try to talk you out of it, once you  get past the peeling and grating, latkes are the easiest thing in the world.


Squash Season: A Perfect Side


Zucchini Butternut Squash Casserole

After looking in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator and finding baked butternut squash and still crispy zucchini I realized  it’s still squash season. I took what I had plus some sweet onion and red pepper and whipped you all up this tasty side.


To make this into a meal in itself: add some cubed tofu, or cooked or sauteed chicken.


Next up: Chanukah at Bubbe’s: Tasty Latkes