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Quick Bread: Pumpkin Scones


Quick bread are a moister denser or flakier version of bread which use baking powder or baking soda for leavening (to make them rise.)

Yeast breads use yeast as leavening. They need to be kneaded in order to reach their peak fluffiness as a bread.

The thing about quick breads is that after you add the baking powder or baking soda you should mix them enough to just blend all of the ingredients, and smooth out the lumpd. If you knead quick bread they will turn out flat and ropey.

I have included the icing recipe, but iced or plain, they are sure to delight.


Pumpkin Scones


How to Wash a Vegetable


I frequently say something like wash or scrub vegetable well. What does that really mean?

Heres how:

To wash or not to wash?

I asked my grandmother when she asked me to wash the grapefruit we were about to eat, why she wanted me to do that if we were just going to slice them and eat the inside. She said the juice would get on the outside and into the part we ate. Bubbe knows, made sense to me. Now I wash everything but bananas.

How to wash:

A soft bristled vegetable brush works well. If you don’t have one use a clean scrubby or rough rag dedicated only for vegetables. The softer the flesh, the gemtler the pressure. I barely push at all for a tomato. For a carrot or potato I scrub vigorously especially if they are visibly dirty. Whether you plan to eat the peel, like an apple or carrot, or not,¬† rub and rinse it well under running water. This will help flush any toxins and pesticides away and down the drain.

And remember: You never need to wash your vegetables in any kind of soap. No dish soap tubbies for the vegetables.

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Quick Breads

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Sunday Night Dinner, That Makes It Look Like You Cooked All Day


Sunday Dinner is a great tradition. Bring what ever family and friends together over something as fundamental as food. Children can have a day with family and fun.

Probably very few of you have the good fortune to be able to spend the whole day in the kitchen lovingly preparing your families feast, and even if you did you wouldn’t know what to make or how to make it.

This Sunday Dinner menu takes about an hour and a half to prepare. It cost about $15.00 for 2 people. My step by step illustrated instructions make the menu so easy even a timid cook will have success. It will work if you multiply as necesary.


Italian marinated grilled sirloin

Italian marinated grilled tofu

Pasta with pesto

Italian sauteed vegetables

Crusty Italian bread

Many times for new cooks it’s hard to know what to make when on a menu tohave everything finish at the same time. The link takes you to a full legth reipe which includes all the menu items to make Sunday Dinner preparation easy.

Sunday Dinner Italian Marinated Sirloin and Tofu

Farmers Market Summer Stir-fry


Tonights Feast: Radishes, pickling cucumbers(used to make a little relish, but we’ll save that recipe for another time) broccoli, bok choy, red pepper, tomato, peapods, garlic, zuchini, carrot, eggplant and sweet onion.

If you haven’t been to a farmers market the first visit can be intimidating. You will find rows and rows of fruits, vegetables and sometimes bakery. The key is to think about which type of vegetables you like and zero in on them. After that pick one new fruit/vegetable you will try this week. The prices at our farmers market are pretty uniform, I think because the vendors have agreed not to compete. When I’m in a hurry I buy whatever is closest to the entrance and leave. Other times I walk through savoring the colors, shapes and smells of the produce.

I have included my farmers market stirfry recipe with the vegetables I used. Almost any vegetables will work, except those with a very strong flavor, like turnips.

It’s an easy recipe to follow through the photos and breif captions.

After the short investment of time to clean and cut the vegetables(about 20 minutes,) it is quick to make.

If you have a farmers market near you it can be a very inexpensive way to go for summer eats. I bought everything I needed for this stirfry, plus rasberries for dessert for for $12.50. Add $.50 for rice and $1.25 for tofu and it’s a $14.25 meal for a family of four.

Look for Sundays full menu, including farmers market vegetable bake.

Farmers Market Stir-Fry