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Bubbe’s Jewish Fried Chicken Dinner (Supersecret recipe)


     A Few Easy Tips: Will help you make an easy fried chicken dinner. The recipe looks long but only because I have broken it down in to easy to understan steps. Give it one read through,it will all make sense.

All of the recipes for this fried chicken dinner are meant to serve 3-4 people. 1 whole cut up chicken is used.

Bubbes Jewish Fried Chicken

Mashed Potatos : are always good with fried chicken. Taste veries so greatly for this national favorite that I haven’t included a recipe, only a framwork for your own experimentation. I usually figure 1 1/2 potatoes per person. Boil them until just soft. I use about a tablespoon of butter for 8 potatoes and add milk after I have mashed them up a bit, just enough to make them creamy. Salt to taste is definitely up to you, it’s always easier for diners to add more.

     Bubbe’s special tangy low fat slaw: You will lack nothing in taste on this one!

Tangy Low-Fat Slaw

Kings Hawaiin Rolls: An excellant addition if you have no time or inclanation for homemade biscuits.

    And don’t forget the gravy..Chicken Gravy.


Swiss Chard Any Way You Like It


Swiss Chard, the little known and underused vegetable of summer gardens and farmers markets. It grows all summer long and is packed with vitamins A,C, K, Iron and fiber. The young tender leaves are delicious in salads. They have a taste similar to spinach but slightly stronger. The larger older leaves can be steamed, sauteed, and cooked in soups and stirfrys. See the recipes below.


Swiss Chard

Chicken Tostadas for Two with Black Turtle Bean Side


It’s not always easy to cook for two and sometimes we fall into a rut trying to think of something new.

This recipe is good for two hearty eaters, or some leftover for lunch.

Try it and light those taste buds right up.

The attachment will take you right to the list of foods you need and how to put it all together.

Chicken Tostadas with Black Turtle Beans